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Course Description

The most complete national SEO course on the market. Learn from expert SEOs Jordan Pearce and Alex Maggs-Wellings - covering topics such as link building, automation, NLP, keyword intent and on page optimization. 

Course Content

Introduction & Google Analytics

Introduction Video - Over The Shoulder
Analytics - Introduction to Google Tag Manager
Analytics - 3 Ways of Adding Google Tag Manager to Your Website
Analytics - Adding Google Analytics Via Tag Manager

Market Research & User Intent

What is Search Intent? A Complete Guide for Beginners
Keyword Intent
Back Button Keyword Research [Cluster]
Back Button Keyword Research (Part 2)
"People Also Ask" using AlsoAsked
How To Find Good Supports

Post Titles

Ways To Find Titles For Your Pages


This section we will be going NLP (natural language processing)
Text Analysis with NLP

Medic Update (MLAs)

This section we will be going over Medic Update and understanding EAT
Medic Update: MLA, Citing Sources, Giving Credit

Money Page Structure

This section we talk about page structure and optimizing your pages.
How To Structure Page in Wordpress and About User Intent WINS
How To Structure Your Page with Intent
Page Layout: Optimizing Headers and Footers
Adding content + Surfer SEO
Entities - Part 1 - GMB, Crunchbase and Wikidata setup
Entities - Part 2 - Uploading an Image to Wikimedia
Entities - Part 3 - Adding Wikidata and Wikimedia Into Schema
Entities - Part 4 - Entity Association With Titles and Links
Entities - Part 5 - Image Associations
Content Template For Commercial Intent
Page structure + content for single page review - Part 1
Single page review - Optimize with frase topics
Creating an entity using images - Part 1
Setting Up a Campaign From Start to Finish
Setting Up a Campaign From Start to Finish [Part 2]

Content Automation and AI

This section goes over automating your content with Artificial Intelligene Writers
Aritificial Intellience Writer
AI Writerâ„¢ - The best AI Text Generator, promised.
Content Using Article Forge - Part 1
UPDATED* 2021 - ecom category page start to finish

Link Building

Using Anchors With Intent Based
Link Building - Anchor Texts for BERT
UPDATED* 2021 - Link building guide guestpost/niche edits


Bucket Intent - Ecom
E-commerce - Category Pages
UPDATED* 2021 - ecom category page start to finish


We are offering several bonuses besides the content templates that you have received. In this section is our Discovery Form and SEO Proposal templates. As well as Marketplace
SEO Proposal Template and Discovery Form
List of Top Affiliate Networks

National with Local

Multi Location Website Structure
National with Local Content Template: City + Service Page
National with Local Content Template: City-St Page


Webinar 04-02-2021

Over The Shoulder Training

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